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Welcome to Vedanta Mission of India

Our Objectives:

Vedanta Mission is an organization dedicated to the cause of propagation of the vision of Vedanta the world over. The mission was established in 2004 at Patna by Shri Sunil Kumar-a professional management researcher and educational-social activist. Since then the mission has grown in a big way and its network has spread to different parts of he country.

What is Vedanta ?

Vedanta is the philosophy of life as given by the Vedas. It is the philosophy of Sanatan Dharma or that which is commonly known as the Hindu religion. Vedanta is a compendium of the knowledge regarding all those truths & tenets of life which are relevant at all times & places. The word Vedanta literally means that which is revealed in the end of Vedas, it is a synonym for Upanishads. It also implies that which is the culmination of all knowledge. Upanishads are the valid means of knowledge to know the truth of one’s Self & realise one’s oneness with God – which is indeed the culmination of all knowledge & possibilities.

Vedanta has been the divine elixir drunk by the innumerable Rishi’s, saints & sages of  India, and in the modern times by some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the world. Vedanta was lived & taught by Lord Sri Ram and Sri Krishna. The glory of  Sanatan Dharma was re-established in the soil of India by one of  the  greatest philosopher, teacher of the world – Sri Adi Sankaracharya by his works & commentries on Vedanta. The message of Vedanta alone was thundered by Swami Vivekananda to the world a century back. Vedanta alone was dynamically propogated all over the world by Swami Chinmayananda – the founder of Viswa Hindu Parishad & Chinmaya Mission. Continuing the great tradition now Poojya Guruji Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji brings the divine message of Vedanta to the world through his dynamic organization appropriately called the Vedanta Mission of India . Vedanta is in fact the best & ultimate which India can give to the world, not only to facilitate opening of the floodgates of joy in man but also to make the world a better place to live in as per the spirit of  the famous quote Vasudhaeva Kutumbakam i.e. the entire world is our family.

What does Vedanta Mission do ?

All religions reveal the right way of life based on truths of life. Any way of life whether it is religious or so called secular has to have some philosophy behind its precepts. Any way of life without a philosophy is an ideal recipe for superstition and any philosophy without a religion to facilitate living its tenets is more of an idealism. Existence of some logic, reason or lets say philosophy is an integral part of everyone’s life. Everyone, knowingly or unknowingly, has some philosophy of life, in as much as that everyone has some conviction as to what is the truth of life, what is this life all about, and things of that kind which all the philosophers the world over strive to address. However, very few people care to see whether their basis of life holds any water or not. If the very basis of life is erroneous then however much we strive we alone will be the real losers at the end of the game. Therefore it is extremely necessary to have ones philosophical basis right, based on facts & truths of life. The thoughtless one’s alone say that ‘I am doing this because everyone is doing’. A life based on thoughtlessness, delusions and erroneous conclusions is bound to lead to sorrow, misery and futility. Thus it is extremely necessary to see that the philosophical basis of everyone’s life is based on facts and not imaginations. It will indeed be one of the greatest service to the mankind if someone sees to it that the philosophical basis of everyone’s life is based on facts. That alone is the humble goal of Vedanta Mission of India.


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