Vedanta Shiksha & Rojgar Mission:

Vocational Training and Employment Support Programme for Women : Vedanta Shiksha & Rojgar Mission takes care of providing skill training to women in the country which aims at stimulating employment opportunities among women of various socio-economic levels and different age groups.

Women’s Vocational Training and Employment Support Programme was designed and launched in 2015 to mainstream women into economic activities. This project on women’s vocational training has been formulated with the assistance of different Govt/Non Govt organisations of India in March, 2015. Under this project, vocational trades has been identified that are particularly suitable for women and their implementation planned. Women’s Vocational Training and Employment Support Programme promotes Vocational Training for women for wage-employment in industry, as instructors and also promotes their self-employment.

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”
-Hillary Clinton

One of the research says that around 600  million girls and women are about to join the workforce. The working culture has been transformed and it will definitely look forward to offering new opportunities to women.We only need to properly train and equip our women workforce to benefit them in this automation change. But somewhere we are lacking to convert this into reality because marginalized women around the globe face many obstacles to get skilled. They are discriminated against gender inequality, lack of information and practical knowledge and poor education. That is the main reason behind the unemployability of women.

Why they are unemployed?

There are so many women in this 21st century are literally struggling to become independent as they have no access to education and training. A quarter of women wants to live their dreams our society puts a question mark on them. According to the narrow mindset of society, a woman is born to help others to achieve their dreams without creating the existence of herself.

Wait a minute, Where is that society, who made it?

We, we are the society. Can’t we take a moment and think that a  woman has her own desires too. If she can put her efforts selflessly to make us grow they why can’t we do the same? Let’s bring a change and erase the line of discrimination from our minds and create a boundaryless world where she can get an opportunity to grow and fly. Present a blank canvas of present in front of her and let her paint it by her own choice then see what wonders she can do to make our future bright and  we can proudly say that: “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.”

When they will get the opportunity to explore the world then only they can determine their capabilities strengths, areas of improvements.

“लड़खड़ाई गिरी , तब जाना कि पैरों में जान है
वरना कहाँ जानती थी कि
इस चार दिवारी के बहार भी एक खुला आसमान है”

Is the education is sufficient to make them grow?

NO, because it is important to understand that knowledge doesn’t guarantee skill, practice does. Theory knowledge can give an imaginative structure but only practical knowledge can give a real exposure. Books are sufficient to throw a light through someone else thought process but if you need to create own empire student need to come out of their comfort zone and implement their knowledge into the real world. That’s why the science laboratories are made in the school to actually give a live demonstration about the magic of science. Only sitting into the classroom, they can only view what the world is showing to them but if they try to implement that in their life, they can surely change the world one day. Because lessons are not given in the books only, there is some lesson which is learned for life and a human mind have the capability to memorize that thing for a long time in which it was physically and mentally present and make efforts for it Instead of restricting them in the walls of the classroom, let them learn by practicing what they have learned. It also helps to increase their thinking capability. Every leading industry or company demands skilled and efficient employees and if we are empowering women then should be taken care off. This can be done by giving proper training to the youth or the backbone of our country to make them skilled.

Vocational training enables them to apply their learning through practical exposures and expertise themselves in the specialized area. It also provides an opportunity for those also who are incapable to cope with academic education. It is basically meeting the job demands by providing skilled employees. Education should focus on providing better and systematic way to give true definition to practical knowledge. For any women said to be independent, financial stability is important.

Vocational training enables to link workforce development and employment strategies with market requirements and current opportunities.

It basically trained women in technical and soft skills according to their areas of interest. Safe and appropriate employment opportunities can boost their economic status and will help them get out of their comfort zone. Vocational training majorly includes the development of entrepreneurship, technical, and business skills in women. The soft skill training includes team building, communication and conflict resolution that help them to create their own existence in the professional world. Women’s economic empowerment not only depends on the job opportunities but also proper protective environment policy and social support.